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Board OKs Non-Rep Benefit Changes

Eligible non-represented employees here will no longer pay the current 5 percent employee contribution for health benefits, but instead will be subject to the terms of the health benefits program offered to represented certificated employees.  The Long Beach Unified School District Board of Education approved the changes for non-represented employees this month, after agreeing to similar terms on benefits last month with the Teachers Association of Long Beach.  Details of the TALB agreement are available.

The changes for non-reps are effective Jan. 1.  There is one difference between the represented certificated and the non-rep terms.  The health benefit proration for part-time represented certificated employees will not apply to part-time non-represented classified employees.

Eligible non-rep employees retiring from the school district after Aug. 31, 2013 will be subject to the same district annual maximum contribution for medical plans provided to active represented certificated employees.  Eligible non-rep employees retiring from the district on or before Aug. 31, 2013 will not be subject to the above district annual maximum contribution.  In either case, the district will apply any health benefit cost containment changes, including plan design changes, implemented for active employees to retirees.