Salary & Benefits


The LBUSD has a competitive salary and provides up to 15 years of salary credit for qualifying full-time public school teaching experience.

Medical Benefits

Medical benefits provide coverage for employees and their eligible dependents. There are three excellent medical plan options:

  • Blue Shield HMO
  • Blue Shield PPO
  • Kaiser Permanente HMO

Dental Benefits

Regular dental care is important to overall health and well being. There are three dental plan options:

  • Delta Care/PMI
  • Delta DPO Plan
  • Delta Premier Plan

Note: Delta Premier & Delta DPO are District paid "employee only" coverage. Dependents coverage may be purchased at the employee's expense.

Vision Benefits

Medical Eye Services, Inc. provides comprehensive vision care benefits for employees only. This plan provides one exam every 12 months, 2 pairs of lenses in any 24 consecutive months, and 2 standard frames in any 24 consecutive months (or 2 pairs of contact lenses in 24 consecutive months).

Mental Health Benefits

Employees and dependents are covered by two programs: PacifiCare Behavioral Health which covers psychological services by preferred providers and Employee Assistance Service for Education (EASE) which provides completely confidential handling of personal problems through referral of employees and dependents to appropriate counseling providers.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance coverage equal to an employee’s annual salary (up to $50,000) is provided through California Physician’s Insurance Company for employees in at least 50% assignments. This district-paid coverage also includes accidental death and dismemberment benefits that are equal to your annual salary (up to $50,000). Coverage is for employee only. Life and accident insurance in the amount of $100,000 is provided to each employee while traveling on district business outside of the district.

Salary Schedules:

Traditional Calendar Salary Schedules
Year-Round Calendar Salary Schedules
Substitute Teacher Salary Schedule
Additional Salary Schedules

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