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Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process (High School Programs)

Target Group: 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th grade students
*Student leaders (Juniors & Seniors only)
Selected by their peers in election held the previous year/Coordinator selection

Selection based on the following criteria:

  • Application
  • Essay
  • Teacher/staff recommendation forms
  • Interview by student leaders & site coordinator
  • Observed leadership potential and creativity
  • 2.0 grade point average preferred
  • Potential for Academic, Leadership and Social Growth Development

Requirements for each Program Participant

  • Participants may not miss more than three (3) meetings/classes per year or they will be placed on probation
  • Must check in with site coordinator/teacher when a meeting will be missed because of sports, club conflict, tutoring/meeting with a teacher
  • Participants must attend at least 75% of the Female Academy events and activities outside the school day

High School Curriculum
Ethnic & Identity Studies-(A-G Approved Course)

Monthly Themes


  • Students examine their perceptions of self and stereotypes associated with their identities. (Unit 1)


  • Students examine the meanings behind of being “Male” and “Female.” (Unit 2)

  • Students discuss possible implications on gender roles and gender outcomes including educational attainment, income, occupation and social status. (Unit 2)


  • Students discuss the positive vs. negative effects of segregation. (Unit 3)


  • Students discuss segregation in Latino communities. (Unit 4)


  • Students discuss challenges to both assimilation and cultural preservation of Asian /Pacific Identities. (Unit 5)


  • Students discuss challenges to both assimilation and cultural preservation of Native American Identities. (Unit 6)

  • Students will draw connections between the experiences of different ethnicities around common issues. (Unit 6)


  • Students explore the factors that determine and perpetuate poverty. (Unit 8)

  • Students research/discuss the use of stereotypes in advertising and how companies target consumer groups. (Unit 8)