School of Choice (Grades K-5)

Parents may submit a School of Choice application online through their ParentVUE account. Parents may select up to ten (10) Elementary School of Choice Schools on one application. For instructions on completing a SOC application, click here: How to Complete the School of Choice Application.

Elementary students NEW to Long Beach Unified School District will need to enroll at their School of Residence. Once a child is enrolled, an activation key is given to parents to create a ParentVUE account (ParentVUE is a website that allows parents to view their child’s current and historical information, including daily attendance, grades, report cards, test scores, discipline, graduation status, preparation for college and more). A ParentVUE account must be activated in order to submit a School of Choice application.

School of Choice applications submitted by the posted deadline will be given priority for random selection at schools with available space. The School of Choice application deadline is May 6, 2016. Parents will receive notification by email of acceptance or waitlist status at the end of May.

Applications submitted after the posted deadline, and students not placed in May, will be considered for a second round of placements (if space permits) before the first day of school.  

Priority Order of Options for School Enrollment

  1. Neighborhood students in a school’s attendance boundaries have first priority for enrollment (must be in attendance on the first day of school).
  2. Students whose home school is overcrowded will have priority placement after neighborhood students.
  3. Brothers and sisters of students already enrolled in a school for one of the options and continuing the next year at the same school will be given priority based upon space availability.
  4. Online applications for School of Choice will not be processed on a “first come first served basis.” As required by law, all applications will be selected randomly.


  1. No district transportation is provided.
  2. School of Choice applications are approved based on space availability.
  3. School of Choice is tentative through the end of the first day of school. New resident students have priority in attending schools in their attendance area. Therefore, a neighborhood student may displace a NEW School of Choice transfer student on the first day of school. After the first day of school, SOC transfer students have the right to remain at the school.
  4. An Application for School of Choice is NOT an authorization for transfer. While the request is pending, the student must attend the school of residence, or the current school, up to the time of the approved application.
  5. SOC applications are approved based on space, reason for attendance and if the student meets the requirements and/or submitted all appropriate documents.
  6. Applications received by the posted deadline for a particular school year will be given priority.
  7. SOC applications may be denied, or voided, if information is incorrect or falsified.
  8. SOC approval for a school does NOT guarantee space in any specific program, course, or class at that school.

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