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(562) 997-8267 Assistant Superintendent, OCIPD

World Language Mission Statement

The mission of the Long Beach Unified School District World Language Department is to provide all students with the opportunity to develop social and academic linguistic proficiency in a language other than English. Through this experience students see the connections between the study of language and other disciplines, gain greater insight into the cultural aspects of the people who speak the target language, meet a qualification for entrance in a wide choice of colleges and universities, and expand their employment opportunities in the competitive global workforce.

World Language Vision Statement

Language and communication are at the heart of the human experience. The United States must educate students who are equipped linguistically and culturally to communicate in our democratic society and abroad. This is the philosophy of our country's national standards on World Language learning. The standards call for a future in which all students are well-versed in English and at least one : other language, modern or classical. The national standards also say that children who come from non-English-speaking backgrounds should further develop their skill in their first language.        

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Department Address
1299 E. 32nd St.
Signal Hill, CA 90755

Department Phone
(562) 997-8025