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The mission of the Science/Math Resource Center is to supply equipment and instructional ideas that help fan the curiosity of all students. We are passionate about providing materials and ideas that will enable students to actively explore their surroundings and the universe. We support hands-on, problem-based, inquiry instruction in science, math, and health classes. Our check-out system provides shared materials so that schools can devote their limited resources to other important educational priorities. The Science/Math Resource Center also provides a time-saving means of procuring consumable materials that are approved and safe for classroom use.

Science & Math Resource Center - Staff

Contact Phone / Address Position / Responsibility

(562) 997-8000 x.2964 Science Curriculum Leader

(562) 426-7828
(562) 426-8448 Fax
Senior Office Assitant

  Mathematics Curriculum Office

  Science Curriculum Office