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What is the History-Social Science Resource Center ?

What is the HRC?

The History-Social Science Resource Center provides instructional materials for K through 12 history and social science curriculum to all teachers and staff of the Long Beach Unified School District.


The emphasis on realia makes this center a treasure-trove for teachers from all grade levels in the district. Although many of the objects we have for classroom use are reproductions, many are authentic artifacts from the past. From pre-historic stone tools to wood saddle rests from California rancho days, from Islamic design book stands to musical instruments from Polynesia, and from American colonial cooking utensils to community worker cut-outs, teachers from all grade levels can find realia to use in their classrooms.

Literature, Documents & Primary and Secondary Sources

History based literature includes core literature as well as myths and legends that help children relate their experiences today with those of yesteryear. Books highlighting specific time periods and events in history, magazine articles, and excerpts from National Geographic magazines are also available to teachers.

Our primary source document library includes Jackdaws that bring history alive for many historical events from both World History and US History. Other primary source documents in US History include newspaper front-page headlines, magazines, personal letters, and informational brochures from recent events in our nation1s history.

Photo Gallery, Art Prints, Posters and Transparencies

We have an extensive photo gallery that spotlights the city of Long Beach as well as the California Missions and Native Americans of Southern California. Multi-cultural as well as global studies are also well represented in the photo gallery. In addition to the photo gallery, art prints, posters, transparencies and filmstrip sources are available on a wide variety of topics.

Elementary Education

Throughout the elementary grades, materials that bring the community alive are available. The family, neighborhood, community services, and the school are the focus areas for elementary social science curriculum materials.

Geography Education

The Five Themes of Geography is at the core of our Geography section in the center. There are multi-colored maps, globes, and three dimensional puzzles for all grade levels in addition to detailed black line masters for most historical eras. Throughout the individual grade level areas of study, there are maps, prints, and prints to support the important impact geography has on the role of the social sciences in our lives today as well as in the past.


The H-SSRC has an extensive list of web sites that will assist teachers in developing materials and classroom lessons in all the social sciences.

The History-Social Science Resource Center is currently collaborating with the Instructional Materials Workshop to develop history and social science materials. Integrated materials, as well as lessons, are being developed to directly support a content standards-based curriculum.